We're excited to be launching our new All-Day-Montessori after the great success of the trial program we ran last year in the fourth term where the Elementary teachers worked with the Aftercare program to include Montessori curricula in an afternoon program. This allowed us to support children in areas that they needed further assistance while at the same time providing a fun, enjoyable and safe space to play in the afternoons.


All-Day-Montessori includes the Extra Mural program, outdoor Aftercare play and an Afternoon Montessori Program. (More details below)


The afternoon is structured as follows for Pre-School and Elementary:

Please note children may be collected either at the end of their Extra Mural or the end of their Aftercare session. Pre-Schoolers participating in the Montessori Program can be collected between 15h00 – 16h00 and Elementary children at 16h00.


Please use the online form to sign up to the All-Day-Montessori activities. All activities will be billed by the school as part of your school fees. If you have any queries with regards to the administration, please email Amber.


This is an hour-long session (13h30 - 14h30) for that can be utilised as a stand alone activity or for children who wish to take part in the afternoon Montessori Program and who are not signed up for an extra mural.

Elementary children who are signed up for an Extra Mural that starts at 14h00 or 14h15 will automatically join this program at no extra charge – they do not need to be enrolled in the session. 


The Elementary Afternoon Montessori program is designed to entertain and educate. We’re tapping into the teachers’ other interests and aptitudes that we know the children will benefit from and enjoy in a smaller more relaxed afternoon environment.


There are some changes to the Afternoon Montessori Program: for term 2, the team has come up with some integrated learning themes that we will investigate fully. We will be studying certain KUW themes, to include content, writing, art, craft, skits and  practical research skills. This will give the children new opportunities for learning that they don’t have time for in the mornings, but will also allow the teachers to give maths, writing and reading support  to those who need it. 



Grade 1 to 2 Imagination Station, run by Amy Cornfield, provides a creative space for children where they feel safe and free to experiment, innovate, discover, play and express themselves through art. “We explore different themes, techniques and materials. The children draw, paint, colour, cut, trace, mould, glue and stick to make fantastic creations using their imaginations. We use recycled materials as much as possible to teach the importance of recycling, and actively engage children in the concept of up-cycling. Imagination Station is a supportive and stimulating environment where creativity is fostered through exploration and imagination, skills are developed and self-esteem is enhanced”.

Grade 3 to 7 These art lessons will focus more formally on the development of visual awareness, personal expression and self-assessment, as well as build technical and material proficiency. The styles and techniques of famous artists through the ages will provide context and inspiration for the lessons, and help to cultivate art appreciation.



Join us at Diversify Dance for unparalleled dance instruction you won’t find anywhere else. Our passion is to uplift young children through dance. Our Hip Hop dance classes promotes self confidence, social, mental and physical skills, fitness, poise and of course fun! The class caters for both boys and girls. 

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Give your child the opportunity to build confidence, enhance social skills, improve speech habits, develop creativity and release emotions in a safe environment. We do speech exercises, creative movement, dance and basic arts & crafts. We learn about poetry, story telling and acting while working with props, costumes, puppets and more. 



Alastair Dickinson teaches Marimba at several Montessori Schools in the Western Cape. Ali brings his full set of marimbas, Bass Tenor and an Alto. Five children can play at a time. Ali loves to perform with his students and will definitely be a feature at future markets and outdoor events at Stepping Stones. Here he is with a small private group: https://youtu.be/3TB00-C4ERc




Marcio “Beleza” Lopes has been teaching Capoeira in Cape Town since the late 1990s. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art, that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. What to see more? https://youtu.be/kbl-y0XE_2o

Red Cricket Ball


Coach Kyle will put his Western Province cricket coaching skills to teach boys and girls the skills to play cricket. Soccer will be played in the winter.

ss league.jpg


Team Sport is a free compulsory part of the school program for children in Elementary (6-12 years). 



BTM use specialized equipment with modified tennis courts to maximize the child’s improvement. We have fun games & activities based on the fundamentals of balance, co-ordination, agility, movement, and racket and ball skills. Our coaches will collect your child from Stepping Stones, walk them across to the St Cyprian’s School for their 30 minute tennis lesson and bring them back after the lesson is done. 4 children allowed per group, to ensure maximum playing time. 


The Mobile Music Academy offers extramural classes.

1 on 1 Instrument Lessons:
Guitar, Drum Kit, Singing, Violin, Piano, and Ukulele.

Image by Kobu Agency



In today’s digital world, coding is a fundamental skill alongside math and reading. Our classes focuses on teaching the foundations of computer programming using Scratch, and kids get to work on fun projects where they build apps as well as robotics.

Image by Josué Soto


Chess club 



All-Day-Montessori fees will be added to your school account. These fees may be paid over a three month basis over the term but must be settled by the end of the term to enable you to sign up the following term. 


For Aftercare and the Montessori Program, there is a 10% discount for children who sign up for 4 days and a 20% discount for those who sign up for 5 days.