Age 3-6

Stepping Stones Pre-school program is designed to meet the developmental needs of the 3-6 year old child. It is our school’s profound belief that the child’s work is internal and is motivated by a sense of self worth and self-confidence gained through “learning by doing” and would love for you to continue this principle at home. 
Start by reading the 'Learning From Home Handbook' for some guidance during this journey; more specifically pages 13 to 16 for our Pre-school phase. 
We have tried our best to adapt the program and curriculum under these circumstances and our aim is to ensure that children are receiving good quality lessons and that we are able to connect with them daily.
We will be working with themes and a weekly schedule. Each weeks schedule will have the same framework, however, activities and content will vary. 
Please ensure that you pay attention to the weekly schedule to ensure that your child/ren do not miss out on anything. 
All content will be loaded at the start of the week and we'll have something exciting planned for each day.