Imagination Station provides a creative space for children where they feel safe and free to experiment, innovate, discover, play and express themselves through art. 

Grade 3 to 7 These art lessons will focus more formally on the development of visual awareness, personal expression and self-assessment, as well as build technical and material proficiency. The styles and techniques of famous artists through the ages will provide context and inspiration for the lessons, and help to cultivate art appreciation.



Clay Creations offers children an excellent opportunity to explore their own creativity.  Additionally, they benefit by listening to instruction, processing information received, both verbally and non-verbally and concentrating while using their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. Each lesson includes various techniques, Pinch Pots, coil building (sausages) and slab work (flat pieces of clay). One project is completed each week, then dried, fired and glazed and returned in two weeks. Aged 6 and up.  



Join us at Paula's Academy of Dance for unparalleled dance instruction you won’t find anywhere else. Our passion is to uplift young children through dance. Our dance lessons provide discipline, routine, exercise, enjoyment and development. The classes will cover ballet and caters for both boys and girls. 

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Give your child the opportunity to build confidence, enhance social skills, improve speech habits, develop creativity and release emotions in a safe environment. We do speech exercises, creative movement, dance and basic arts & crafts. We learn about poetry, story telling and acting while working with props, costumes, puppets and more. 



Alastair Dickinson teaches Marimba at several Montessori Schools in the Western Cape. Ali brings his full set of marimbas, Bass Tenor and an Alto. Five children can play at a time. Ali loves to perform with his students and will definitely be a feature at future markets and outdoor events at Stepping Stones. Here he is with a small private group:



The Mobile Music Academy offers individual one-on-one lessons in:

Guitar, Drum Kit, Singing, Violin, Piano, and Ukulele.

CLUB ELECTRON (Age 9 and up)


The Club Electron seniors course involves 3 different modules, ELECTRONICS, ROBOTICS and CODING, which need to be followed from start to finish, as the course builds on itself and children need the learnings from Electronics to properly understand the flow of electricity in their robots before building and coding them.

The first module, Electronics, has 2 levels (or terms)  involves circuit building, understanding the flow of electricity and how various components can be used to manipulate the flow to reach different outcomes. The children follow schematic diagrams, and go from very simple circuits to building  a light following robots from scratch, and learning to solder.

The second module, ROBOTICS, integrates electronics with the power of a microcontroller which can be programmed with a computer. They start coding in a drag and drop language and move on to script (typed) coding in the second level). They learn the basic coding principles while they are learning robotic concepts of the different ways of how messages can be sent or received with inputs and outputs, whether analog or digital. They use sensors to decide what their robots should do next, and slowly as they get better at coding so their robotic projects become cleverer and cleverer until they are building robots that can avoid obstacles, follow lines or wait for messages from remote controls. We have further app coding and python coding modules that follow after robotics.

Image by Josué Soto


Chess club