Coach Kyle offers an extensive sports program for all classes at Stepping Stones Montessori both during the school day and as extra mural activities. Gross motor activities are a part of the Montessori Curriculum and are included in the three-hour work cycle.  

Coach Kyle leads one gross motor (Phys Ed) lesson per week during school hours for the Toddlers and Pre-School classes, and two classes per week for Elementary classes. The focus of these sessions includes hand/foot/eye coordination, rotation, laterality, core stability and muscular strength, amongst many other physical developmental activities. 

He is also be available during outdoor playtime to initiate sports games and other activities such as loose-parts-play (using items like planks, cardboard boxes, tyres, poles and other items for construction). 


Team Sport is a free compulsory part of the school program for children in Elementary (6-12 years). 

After school, Coach Kyle offers a Toddler Fun and Movement class, a pre-primary Multi-sport class, and a Sport specific program for primary children. He also puts his Western Province cricket coaching skills to practice teaching boys and girls the skills to play cricket. Cricket is open to children age 6 and above. Click the logos below for more details on the pre-school and elementary extra-murals.